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Comment "💙💙" blue hearts down today for Jungkook 😭💙 jungkook started crying and jimin immediately went to his side, hugged him and patted his head,please don't cry, I hope those are happy tears :( you can see how much he must have cried on stage by his red eyes with red nose.😭😭😭😭 I hope they are okay right now 😭😭 jimin is so sweet always ready to comfort others 😭😭😭 he is so so so so heartwarming person ever 🤧🤧💜💜💜 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



Your favourite hair on jimin?😍😍🤤 Swipe 👉🏻 to check today's concert pic on metlife concert day 2 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



Ever felt that??😜🤪🤪 Yoongi literally ran away when jimin looked at him and pressed his shoulder omgg 😂😂 tag your friends 🙌🏼 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



Comment "Cute" in your language 🙌🏼💕 Well i am too sad because just recently antis were spreading jimin to leave bts in twt. I hope jimin didn't see that. Thanks armies whoever cleared that searched area in twt. Solo stans are so mean to other members. First taehyung and now jimin was worst things that they have no time to focus on their on life rather to hurt someone with hates. I saw one taekook stan was commenting that jimin have terrible voice. Are you kidding me dear? His voice is so pure and so soothing so pleasing to hear. It helped me alot during my exams. May be she needs to check up her ears tbh. I am repeating again BTS IS OF 7 MEMBERS WITHOUT ANY ONE OF THEM IT CAN'T BE BTS ANYMORE. IT'S FACT NOW SO STICK THIS TO YOUR MIND. LOVE ALL OR ELSE BACK OFF. .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



Comment your favourite among these two option 🤗💜💜 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



Comment "💜💜💜" as much as you can Please show some love to Taehyung ..he truly deserves eveything. Idk why ppl target him and make laugh of him and his dead grandma. Ppl are losing their humanities istg. Ppl always say to leave the BTS. What's the right they have to judge and take decisions of someone else. "Taehyung used to be happy kid now he isn't" i used to hear this when i entered the fandom. It still haunts me like anything. Just because your likes and preferences is different that doesn't mean you will spread hates to someone like this. He and others members taught us alot. Few ppl really understand and support them as they are. And some support them for fames visuals and trends. Some ppl really out there to point it out things from others just because they hate it. Can you move on your things and leave the person if you hate it. BTS sees our posts and hashtags in twitter and knowingly ppl spread this to ruin their mood and all. BTS is of 7 members only. Keep it mind!! You can't love anyone without. Taehyung deserves to be happiest. Leave him alone. Hate is very much strong word it destroy so many things. Keep your opinions with yourself for god sake.



Do you wear glasses or not?? Jimin look so so beautiful in glasses so dashing and all. My heart flutter more than 100 😂😭 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



Choose your fighter 😆😆 V or Jk or JM ??😂😂 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



Congratulations to Jimin!! 😍🎉🎉 Serendipity hit 100m views now 🤧🤧💜💜 let's celebrate together and comment below "💛💛💛💛" and appreciate that how beautifully he kept words together and made this beautiful song 😭 serendipity reminds me of jimin with Yellow colour and happiness 😭 my happiness is with BTS 💛💛💛💛💛 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



Describe Jimin in one word 🤧💜💜😩 His duality is no joke 😭😭💜💜😫😫😫 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



This is the girl who got the chance to meet BTS at their previous GMA performance last year was in the crowd today. She wore the same outfit as Jimin in boy with luv MV. 😍😍 she is so cute 🤧🤧💜💜💜 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾



Comment 1st emojis to show your reaction to this gentleman🤧🤧💜💜 He looks so fine in black suit with black hair..😭😭😭 《Jimin in GMA Threads》 .. . FOLLOW FOR MORE @JIMINCUT 🐣🐾